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HyperDesign Headphone Cable for HD600

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The hyper design audio cables. Available in a wide range of configurations, each one employs high-end materials including 6N monocrystal copper for ultra-stable transmission, a Teflon inner coating for extra shielding, and a soft-touch, anti-static nylon coating for more pleasant wearability and less tangling. Working together, these components reduce capacitance and artifacts, giving your headphones a cleaner, clearer sound stage. Choose from a dual 3.50-millimeter connector compatible with all HIFIMAN models, or a connector to fit our Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones. You’ll also have your choice of four terminations: 2.5-millimeter, 3.5-millimeter, 4.4-millimeter, or 4-pin XLR.

Acoustic design

Acoustic design is the most important aspect of a headphone cable. Only cables with painstaking structural designs can deliver a sound performance with no shortcomings. 

The conductors of Hyper design audio cables are made with OCC conductors, which improves signal fidelity. Resulting in better highs. 

The 3/9/15/21 conductor layout ensures the roundness of the conductor in macro. Reducing resistance and skin effect, therefore, enhancing fidelity. 

​The Teflon coating controls the permittivity of the cable, introducing less interference between the cords. And the nylon sheath is for anti-staticity. 

The Oyaide Solder used contains 9% of silver, resulting in a continuous improvement of sound quality. 

  • Outer coating material: Anti-static nylon
  • Inner coating material: Teflon
  • Cable materials: 6N monocrystal copper
  • Conductor structure: Concentric
  • Connector: Double 3.5 mm or HD 6XX 2-pin
  • Termination: 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.4 mm, or 4-pin XLR (Neutrik)
  • Length:
    • 5ft (for 3.5mm 2.5mm and 4.4mm)
    • 6.5ft (for XLR)